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R. G. Timbs, Inc. provides strategic long term services with intentional focus on the comprehensive fiscal health of
school districts. Our approach to school district finance: We provide fiduciary guidance based on best practice and practical
experience for Fiscal Plans that lead to thoughtful and strategic budget, fund balance, reserve and capital project/borrowing
and state aid decisions, with sensitivity toward the Tax Cap, Comptroller’s Reports and public awareness.



We are ready to contribute to financial plans for your school district.  We think long and short term to create the best options, results and plans. (more…)
Great Team

Great Team

Experience, best practice, dedication and the highest integrity are the characteristics of the R. G. Timbs team.  We understand the mission of school districts. (more…)
Quick Results

Quick Results

We provide 24/7 support to set up a plan of action to work with your team to accomplish tasks, solve issues and position your district for success. (more…)


We analyze your school district finances.  Forecasts provide guidance to create more favorable financial situations and prevent avoidable and undesirable finance issues. (more…)

Our Quality Services

At R. G. Timbs, Inc., we work with School Districts on Long Range Financial Analysis and Plans that includes budget guidelines and strategies, reserves, fund balances, debt service issues for capital projects and buses, calculation of surpluses in revenues and expenditure, long range plans and related issues in support of future capital costs.  We execute Capital Project Plans and related State Building Aid issues.  Click here to see all of the services we provide.


Client Support

Education Finance advice is only valuable when it is comprehensive, complete and strategic.  People count on you; you count on us.


We have a unique system that allows us to control, analyze and rate the work of every manager and specialist. It insures a stable performance and constant attention.


Our core principles include honesty, candor, reliability and prudence.  R. G. Timbs, Inc. successfully continues to build a positive reputation based on those principles.

Our Amazing Team