Service Area 1 – Long Range Financial Plans

  • History of Revenues and Expenditures- what they reveal
  • Debt Service Budget and Schedules- in support of district goals
  • Long Range Expenditure and Revenue Extrapolations- where are you now and where to you appear to be headed, and why
  • Analysis of Fund Balances- where do they come from and how are the lost
  • Reserves- their uses, abuses and how they fit into school district goals
  • Recommendations- we insist on them along the way- and are thoughtful, useful best practices


Service Area 2 – Capital Projects

  • A thoughtful and organized start increases the chance of a successful finish and audit
  • Significant guidance is needed to match State Aid eligibility with school district needs to provide the greatest yield
  • Realistic debt service budgets and the identification of the school district’s local share must be harmonized with the school district’s fiscal plan
  • The submission of all forms to the State Education Department must be congruent with the intent, design and fiscal foundation of the project
  • Final Cost Reports must be completed with care and a perceptive comprehension of the project to maximize State Aid
  • Guidance with regard to cash flow, capital reserves and cash management has a significant effect on the Tax Cap and the cost of a Capital Project


Service Areas 3, 4 & 5

  • What to use when and what you need vs. what you don’t
    • Revenue Anticipation Notes
    • Tax Anticipation Notes
    • Bond Anticipation Notes
    • Serial Bonds
  • Preparation of Official Statements
  • Preparation of Notice of Sale
  • Conduct Sale
  • Coordinate Closing and related matters
  • Event Notices
  • Continuing Disclosure Undertaking
  • Collaboration with School District’s Bond Counsel
  • Collaboration with School District’s Attorney

Other Service Areas

  • Energy Performance Contract Lease Financing
    • Prepare timeline of key dates
    • Prepare amortization schedule with aid projections
    • Prepare and send Request for Proposal out to banks and other financial institutions
    • Coordinate Closing and related matters
  • Monitor District’s bond issues for refunding possibilities and assist with the issuance of the refunding bond